Our History


R.L. Engebretson Launches
R.L. Engebretson started as a construction company out of Ricky L. Engebretson’s basement in north Fargo, ND. As a registered architect, licensed general contractor, and licensed real estate broker, Engebretson wanted to create a multifaceted company to provide clients with a “single source of responsibility for all their building needs.”

FARGODOME Becomes Client
Ricky L. Engebretson was hired as an expert witness that helped the FARGODOME with a construction litigation project. Since then, R.L. Engebretson has worked with the FARGODOME on more than six projects.


R.L. Engebretson Moves Downtown
R.L. Engebretson office moved into 15 Broadway in Fargo, ND, which was one of the company’s first architecture and construction projects. The First National Bank Building, now known as the Bell State Bank Building, was originally built in 1926. It has been completely remodeled, resulting in a building with both historical character and state of the art building systems.


Scheels Builds Headquarters
R.L. Engebretson has worked on more than two-dozen Scheels projects since 1994 that range from 9,400 sf to 250,000 sf. The first Scheels Superstore was designed and built in Coralville, Iowa. Recurring work for Scheels is a reflection of the trust in, and skills of, the team members at R.L. Engebretson successfully managing clients’ needs.


Interior Design Added with BlueStone
BlueStone Interiors was created to provide specialized interior design services for R.L. Engebretson’s commercial clients. BlueStone’s team creates spaces that are personalized to each client, using knowledge of furnishing accessories, lighting fixtures, window treatments, and more to complete commercial buildings.


Rich and Kim Join Rick as Partners
Kim Manuel and Rich Wiemken became principals of R.L. Engebretson. Kim is a licensed interior designer, Rich is a licensed architect. Kim is currently the Director of Interior Design and Marketing and Rich is currently the Director of Architecture.


Plans Made for NDSU Tech Park
R.L. Engebretson worked on the master plan of 55 acres for the private sector to build within the Technology Park, located at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. R.L. Engebretson designed and built the Alien Technology and the NDSU Center for Technology Enterprise buildings.

GET With Launched
R.L. Engebretson’s business clients liked what the in-house marketing department was doing for the company and wanted those services for themselves. GET With launched to provide branding and marketing services to those clients, making R.L. Engebretson a full service company.


Scheels Fargo Corporate Center Built
Scheels hired R.L. Engebretson to design and built its 250,000 sf flagship store in Fargo. The “World’s Largest Sporting Goods Store” is a local signature project; it features 74 distinct shops with a spinning 50-year-old restored Ferris wheel in a 70-foot-tall central atrium. This is home to Scheels headquarters and includes a private daycare for staff members’ children.


RDO Truck Center Built
RDO Equipment Company is headquartered in Fargo, ND. R.L. Engebretson has built a strong working relationship with the company, designing and building several projects for RDO in multiple states.


R.L. Engebretson Adds ASBLT D3
Over the years R.L. Engebretson has been asked to be an expert witness in many trials involving building investigation problems. This led to the launch of the ASBLT D3, a building forensics and property condition assessment company that offers digital diagnostic discovery. It assesses and remedies problems for building clients.


Fargo Park District Courts Plus Renovated
Fargo Park District hired R.L. Engebretson to renovate and build an indoor community-centered playground structure. Families of Fargo are able to enjoy the playground year-round, which is especially important during the long winter months.


Our Mission
R.L. Engebretson is a design and construction team dedicated to solving clients’ building needs through personalized relationships of trust, value, and integrity.